Spotlight Tuesday at the Botanical Gardens

Portrait Session with Laura

Earlier this week I had the honor to photograph Laura, who had some experience modeling. I was looking to extend my portfolio with some more portrait photos and she jumped to the offer!

We choose the Asheville Botanical Gardens as our location, which I scouted a few weeks ago. Since it’s still wintertime, I was worried at first that it might not look as pretty as in the summer. But that wasn’t further from the truth. It was absolutely gorgeous, with lots of opportunities for pictures.

We met up in the parking lot and walked around the gardens for a bit, looking for great places to shoot. There are so many options to choose from. There are bridges, a gazebo, a beautiful stream and great trails.

We started with some pictures on the bridge, with the sun shining brightly. I positioned Laura with the sun behind her, so we could have some great back-lit images. This created a dreamy style photo, something I always like a lot. Laura’s beautifully and colorful dyed hair, was an amazing addition to the colors of nature around us. Her dress matched her hair and it made it all so perfect!

After shooting some pictures at the bridge, we walked along the trails and found a beautiful bench of stone, with lots of bright green vegetation around it. Together with Laura’s hair and dress, this created an explosion of different colors and it reminded me of some fairy tale theme.

We moved on to shoot some pictures in the stream, with stones laid out carefully inside the stream so I could position Laura in the middle of the stream, surrounded by water. Seeing her stand there, reminded me of a water elf and that gave me some great ideas for a future themed fantasy session.

We wrapped up the shoot with a session on a bench with the stream in the background, before we had to leave because the gardens closed for the day.

I am so happy with the results and it was great that Laura had some experience modeling, so I could also learn a bit from her!

Let’s take a look at the results!