Spotlight Tuesday at the Botanical Gardens

Portrait session with Haley

A while ago I wrote a post in the Asheville Model Network group on Facebook, to find a model who wanted to work together with me for my portfolio. Haley responded to the post and we planned the shoot.

I had fantastic shoots in the Botanical Gardens before, so I choose the location once again. It just looks so stunning in winter, with lots of color, structures and more. There is so much to see and shoot, a go to place for me in the winter time.

I hadn’t had the chance before to walk the entire trail, but this time I was lucky and we had enough time to explore all of the gardens. We found some incredible spots to take photos and as soon as we walked a few feet again, we found another good spot. We just kept on finding stunning places to shoot.

Haley is a fantastic model to work with. She already had experience modeling and she came up with out of the box poses. I loved her creativity and flexibility. I hardly had to give her any directions and she also gave me fantastic ideas for poses to use in the future.

Besides being totally awesome, she was also very patient with me. I also had to step out of my comfortzone a few times to get the shot right. She had the patience of a saint, while I had to take the shot over and over and over again to figure out the setting on my camera. In the end we ended up with the perfect picture, so it was all worth it!

Right before the end of the shoot and before the gardens closed, we ended up shooting in the water. We took out shoes off, stepped in and shot some fantastic images. I’m so in love with this location, so far it’s my go to place for portrait pictures in the winter.

Anyway, enough small talk, let’s get to the pictures!