Spotlight Tuesday, portrait session with cellist Mandy!

A musical morning on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Mandy was the first person I photographed since opening my business in the United States. Fast forward a few months and she contacted me again. She wanted some pictures with her cello for her website and professional page. I immediately said yes, because this was a photo session a little different from what I normally do.

We started early morning, just an hour after sunrise. We choose the Blue Ridge Parkway as our location and we met up at one of the overlooks close to the Asheville Arboretum. We took some lovely pictures with the clay/stone wall in the background. It froze the night before, so the water dripping down the stone was frozen. This looked incredibly pretty.

I loved shooting the pictures while Mandy was playing the cello. Beautiful music, while shooting pictures in the early morning. How cool is that? I love my job!

We took a couple of shots on the bridge crossing the French Broad River and after a stream of traffic, we were good to go. Such a stunning location for pictures!
We went to take some more pictures further up the parkway, another beautiful overlook with mountains in the back ground.

And we wrapped up the shoot, back down in the valley on the side of the road, in the woods and greens. I had such a wonderful time with this photo session and Mandy is an incredibly good cellist.

Please check out her website. Besides being an awesome cellist, she is also a teacher.