Spotlight Tuesday, a fantasy shoot with Bethany

A fantasy style shoot at the Botanical Gardens in Asheville

Today I had the long awaited fantasy shoot with Bethany. We had planned it for a while, but we wanted to wait for nature to start blooming. Today was finally the day and goodness what a fantastic shoot!

I already knew Bethany, I photographed her and her boyfriend a while ago and on that shoot, we talked about doing another shoot sometime together. Not much later I spoke with her about an idea I had in mind and she was eager to help me out with it.

Bethany had her make-up done with a friend of hers, who did an incredible job with the make up. It was perfect for the kind of shoot that I had in mind.
We still weren’t very sure about what location, in the end we ended up with the botanical gardens in Asheville, because it just looks stunning! The trees started blooming and some beautiful blossoms added that extra vibe to the pictures.

Bethany was wonderful to work with. Her experience with modeling helped tremendously, so I could just shoot and point out any ideas I had in mind. She understood exactly what I was going for and that was amazing.
Not only is she great with modeling, she is also pretty badass! She ended up climbing a tree (with me holding my heart and hoping she wouldn’t fall down!) so that we could have some great and unique shot. It was as if she read my mind, because I was thinking it and she offered it.

I think we will just move on to the pictures, so you guys can decide for yourself!