A gift to spread happiness!

I believe that we need to give more in this world. It’s so rewarding to give to other people. Whether it’s a service, a helping hand or giving them a present, it always creates happiness for you and the person you give to.

Therefore I have created these gift cards so someone you love can have lasting memories of their wedding, engagement or other special events in Asheville, Greenville, Hendersonville or anywhere else western North Carolina.

This gift card is not just to get pictures, it is an entire experience on its own. From getting to first know each other, to stumbling through the first pictures to warm up and get used to the camera, to getting comfortable and laugh until your cheeks hurt. Isn’t that a beautiful gift to give someone?

The gift card can be used for any session, whether it’s a portrait session, wedding or engagement. Only 1 gift card can be used per session and the card can only be used once. They are valid for a year from the date of purchase and cannot be exchanged for money.

You can choose any amount you wish to gift. Contact me if you are interested and wish to purchase a gift card.