How does it work?

Spring and summer are around the corner and now is the perfect time to start thinking about those senior pictures! To kick off the 2020 school year, I’ve created this senior representative program. Since it is the first year since moving to Asheville, I will choose three models to participate in this program for free.

It is important that you are active on social media, an outgoing person and love to have pictures taken of yourself! The program includes a free mini-session and a chance to earn great prizes through referrals. The more referral points you earn, the greater the prizes. If someone pays for a portrait session because of you, you will earn a referral point! The more students who book a session with me, the more referral points you get. It’s a simple as that!

And it does not stop there. If each member of the team has at least 3 confirmed referrals, I will take the team out to lunch!

Applications will run until March 24 2019.

Not chosen for the program or not going to be a senior yet? You can still sign up with you email address and be the first to know about next year’s program!

Once I have chosen the team members, we will do an in-person meeting for everyone to get to know each other. I believe personal contact with my clients is a valuable part of my service. Parents or legal guardians are encouraged to be present as well.


Who is it for

The program is for every high school student who will be senior in the new school year. You have to be an active member on social media and share the images taken from the mini-session on your social media. You are not afraid to talk to people and let them know if you like your pictures! This program is 100% free and no strings attached.

You must attend a high school in western North Carolina, in the Asheville, Hendersonville or Burnsville area.

Are you the hands-on person I’m looking for? Sign up today!


The rules

  • Must attend a high school in WNC.

  • Be active on Social Media.

  • Will be a senior in the coming school year.

  • Love to laugh and have fun!

  • In order to get the referral points, the booking from your referral needs to be paid in full.



For every referral who books and pays in full, you earn 1 referral point.

*1 point: free print from your mini session

*2 points: $25 gift card

*3 points: $50 cash

*4 points: $75 cash

*5+ points: free senior portrait session!

*3+ points per team member: lunch with the team!